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Pink Girls

The “Pink Girls” and Kannon. Backstage at the Victoria’s Secret Show Miami 2009.

Miami Hotel

The view from my hotel room at the Fontainebleau Hotel, Miami.


Trying to grab some rays before I get my Victoria’s Secret on!


Ah! Waiting on my bed… Victoria’s Secret Gifts!

Me and Sessilee

Me and Sessilee on Miami Beach


The infamous Victoria’s Secret Ghost…. (pre-fake tan!)

Sarah and Arlenis

Me and Arlenis hanging out by the Fontainebleau pool. We made friends with a gorgeous little five-year-old German girl… Cute!


The runway rehearsals. This catwalk was constructed from shards of glass and glitter…. I was one of the lucky ones that got to wear closed-in shoes!

Me and Arlenis

After a long night of rehearsals… we can still crack a smile. Arlenis and I.

Noemie Lenoir’s puppy

I got bored at the Fontainebleau opening party … so I spent my evening chatting with the security guard on my floor, Chrystian. Then I kidnapped Noemie Lenoir’s puppy for the night. It was love! I did give him back after he left a little present on my bed… I was so embarrassed when the cleaning lady came in to find my bed sheets covered in good old fake tan residue … and dog merde!


Miss “Accessible” 2009 ….Abbey-Lee!  I swear I didn’t even see the sign in the background.

Sarah & Abbey-Lee

The girls in the bathroom checking out our crazy hair extensions and comparing tans. Although I still take away The Pale Prize.


My first look. I was warned not to put the lollipop in my mouth. “Think cute and sexy! Not provocative Lolita!”

Arlenis & Sarah

Me and Arlenis …showtime!!

Brooke Shields HairWorking my Brooke Shields Blue Lagoon Hair.

Sessilee & Sarah

Me and Sessilee


This is where we make our quick changes…


Practicing my pose

Aussie Supermodels

Team Aussie! Go girls!

After Party

Abbey, Edita and me at the After Party

After Party

After Party

Just another quiet night in Miami.

Private Jet

Abbey and me and the Private Jet  … just arrived in freezing New York.

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  • by Emily on April 1st, 2009 at 9:46 am
    wow ! your pictures are so amazing ! i have pictures of you on my walls! xxx

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