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Long Live McQueen

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Lee’s death has been personally excruciating for me.  News that one of my all time favorite Mentor, Muse, and Artist has ended his life, just took the wind out of my sails.  If only I could have told him like so many others, “you were my inspiration in Design School (and out).  I admired your sheer genius, intelligence & skill, your love for the dramatic& theatrical, your craft, the fluffy you, the skinny you, All of YOU!”  If only he might have been aware of how many people truly loved him, cared about him, adored and admired him, he may have been able to reach out to someone, at that very moment…turning back time. “This is Fashion’s candlelight of ingenuity being blown out forever, like the Music World losing Michael Jackson.  Lee (Alexander McQueen) was pure GENIUS!  His brain was a revolving door.  He consistently referenced History, Politics, Art, Culture, Emotions, Society and Events.  EVERYTHING he encountered was soaked up and eventually found it’s way into his magnificent work.  He had accomplished in a few years what it had taken fashion greats like Vivian Westwood, John Paul Gaultier & Versace years to achieve and he had the rest of his young life to continue setting the FASHION BAR.  Fashion will NEVER recover.  I will never forget the legacy he has left: LONG LIVE MCQUEEN


Self portrait of me in my favorite Alexander McQueen boots.  It was uncanny how they were perfectly toffee caramel brown…exactly like me.  When I wore them, it was like I was naked.  They were the first exquisite thing I bought when I received my first Modeling pay check.  Admittedly, I pretty much blew the entire check on them!


Me & Alex again (accompanied by some chain bling I made) at a test shoot recently.
Usually whenever I wanted to feel the McQ power and book that casting, wow a new client, or be out and about looking fly, I would be seen wearing them.


“Long Live McQueen” - This is a commemorative graphic t-shirt, my “Ode to Lee tee” that I designed/made today in honor of Alexander McQueen.  If you’d like a tee, go to Saam Designs

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Being one of my favorite songs, I dedicate this to Alexander “Lee” McQueen. “So Long” by Seba Lo-tec, Remixed by LTJ Bukem

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when April 8th, 2010

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