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About Me: I kissed Lemmy from Motörhead at the Viper Room. I love taxidermy and all things weird. I am addicted to coffee and cigarettes. The only things I have in common with the average model is that I'm glued to my blackberry and I've dated a DJ. I know all the lyrics to "A Milli" by Lil Wayne. I won a karaoke contest in LA for my rendition of "Mother" by Danzig. And gained a small following in Portland, OR because of my performance of "Rock you like a Hurricane" by the Scorpions. I can be found in Echo Park dive bars sipping on Ginger Ale and Tonic Water. I once gave my phone number to a handsome sales clerk at Urban Outfitters in Hollywood on a note which read, "Anything, anytime, no questions asked" ...I wonder why he never called? While I can't stand the movie "The Notebook", some of my favorite movies include THX1138, The Shining, Army of Darkness, Deathrace 2000 and Faster Pussycat Kill, Kill! Last year while hanging out at The Roosevelt Hotel, I asked Kirsten Dunst for my money back because she ruined Marie Antoinette. I wouldn't consider myself a diva, but I don't allow MGMT to be played on set. What is more generic than "Electric Feel" playing at a photoshoot? I'm currently single, but am on a quest to find a guy who is the splitting image of Ian Curtis of Joy Divison. I was discovered at Coachella Music & Arts Festival by Elite Model Management while the Yeah Yeah Yeahs were performing. My iPod shuffle would play a bizarre mixture of Brian Eno, Queens of the Stone Age, Pantera, Black Flag, Johnny Cash, the Black Angels, and the Talking Heads. I don't own a pair of flats or sandals. Only high heels and combat boots. Even in 100 degree weather I will wear a leather jacket and black skinny jeans. I'm asked almost daily at castings if I'm in a band.. the answer is NO! But if I was, I would prefer to be in a Norwegian death metal band. I think the gym is overrated. That's why I take pole dancing classes! My obsession with Terry Richardson started when my parents gave me Terryworld for Christmas when I was 16. Sometimes I write my own phone number on dirty bathrooms walls just for fun.

hair: Brown
eyes: Blue
height: 5'10.5" - 179cm
bust: 34" - 86cm
waist: 25" - 64cm
hips: 35" - 89cm
shoes: 9.5
dress: 8
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MSTRKRFT Music Video

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It was a day well spent shooting this music video with my amazing and talented friend Vincent Haycock.  Little did I know I’d be shooting in a Mexican candy & pinata store downtown until 4:00 in the morning dressed as a chola.  I’ve been typecast for years as the sexy pin-up or edgy vampire-like role, so getting to play a cute, playful store clerk was refreshing… and smiling felt sort of strange.

who ScarlettKapella

when June 5th, 2010

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It’s probably pretty apparent that I’m certainly not your typical 21- year old. I like hanging out at bikini bars, rarely ever drink, and have bizarre hobbies. I’m also a member of the Los Angeles Gun Club! In between castings I often venture downtown to enjoy the indoor shooting range. Last week I shot my favorite handgun so far, the Taurus Raging Bull Model 500, .500 S&W Magnum Revolver. After a few rounds it felt like I had been holding a chainsaw for an hour! The first shot almost knocked me over, probably because I refused to take off my five-inch heels while shooting.


who ScarlettKapella

when May 31st, 2009

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Ghost or Girlfriend?

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A few months ago I shot a video for an indie rapper named Cage. The video was directed by Shia Lebeouf. The first thing I notice once I deliriously walk onto set at 4:00AM was a fake missing persons flyer with my photo on it stapled to a telephone pole. I thought I had died and returned to Earth to haunt Los Angeles. Ironically, in the video the viewer never really knows if I’m a ghost or just Cage’s glowing girlfriend…

who ScarlettKapella

when May 23rd, 2009

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tatphoto1The latest addition…  I love my tattoo artist, Rick Walters, he’s 63 years old and has the most amazing beard. It felt like he was carving the script into my skin with a scalpel. Sorry for the blurry photos and side boob slip!




who ScarlettKapella

when May 20th, 2009

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