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My Star Sign is   LEO

What are you wearing right now? Jogging pants, wide Sweeter, Guns and Roses T-shirt and my glasses to watch TV and use my pc, oh and my pretty slippers too.

What has been your most memorable job so far? I think my first job was the most memorable because it was the one that made me see how much I could  enjoy modelling and the one that changed my life

Originally from?  I’m originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, but my parents are Italians from Molise.

Where is your home right now? Everywhere, London, New York, Sydney... but I´m still call home Buenos Aires.

What is always, always in your handbag? My lipstick!!!!

Fragrance you love? Terre D'Hermes by Hermes   I just love it. It is a blend of aroma of damp earth and wood (according to my nose). The smell of damp earth is one of my favourites and the smell of wood reminds me of my home

What workouts do you do?   I change all the time but I always  going for long walks.

Favourite band? The Killers and Argentinean bands Bajofondo and Babasonicos

What are you listening to right now? I’m watching Friends

Favourite designer? It is very difficult to choose just one, all the international designers are amazing!  Valentino dresses, Chloe bags, Fendi shoes, Gucci glasses... I like the new style of  Gareth Pugh  and I buy everything in Trosman, an Argentinean designer with stores in New York and Paris, very cool!!!!!

Favourite store?  Mac store and Topshop

Latest purchase? A T-Shirt of lifeguards from Bondi Beach in Sydney

Nickname? Sabri, Sabrinita 

If your house was on fire, what would you save? My dogs!!!!!

What's your fave thing to do on Saturday? I like enjoy a full day, any outdoor activity is my favourite, and in the evening dining out with friends and maybe go dancing.
Saturdays I use a lot of energy, so on Sundays I stay at home hahahhah

hair: Brown
eyes: Brown
height: 5'10" - 178cm
bust: 32" - 81cm
waist: 25" - 64cm
hips: 34" - 86cm
shoes: 9
dress: 8
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Thriller for a Cause

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dsc04603I spent Halloween in Buenos Aires as Slash, I love him!!

My friends and I offered to dance Thriller at a birthday party in exchange for food for a needy children’s home

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Welcome Home, Me!

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This my dog, his name is Baffo since I got back from my trip he follows me everywhere, we are inseparable.


My birthday cake! Really big and full with chocolate, yum


Celebrating my birthday with my niece (1 year and 10 months old), She is so beautiful!

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