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The beginning:

I am sort of like the movie “Big Fish” with my life being filled with so many wild & crazy happenings…except mine are real.”   I’ve been all over the place in my career and I’ve done a lot of things simultaneously, while doing 100 others.  So here goes.  I used to be the biggest frig’in jock ever!  I started running track at 9 and it took me through multiple state records (a few I actually still hold), multiple championships, an athletic/academic scholarship and a spot on the Nike Coast Athletic Team training for the Olympics in the Heptathlon event.  Because of this, I started out commercially as a heifer at 168lbs!  A photo of that could be blackmail material,  heehee! I did tons of sporty commercial stuff in the beginning and then, because I tired of athletics & was no longer lifting & training, my body naturally went back to it’s old slender self.   Not to clown the  “skinny fat” models, but because of this past, I’m a lean mean model machine that can go seamlessly from athletic to couture!

My highschool past shapes my future:

Being voted “Best Dressed” in Highschool, I was naturally all about Fashion, so after I received my Fine Arts Degree from U.C. Berkeley (my parents like to call it a “real” degree), I could finally cut loose with abandon and do what I wanted.  So I immediately got my next degree in Fashion Design/Merchandising at my local JC!  I wore my own threads in the school shows where I won several Statewide design awards (for my wears and fashion drawings) and it got the attention of the Fashion World.  Because of my love of fashion and design, it made me ripe for the Fashion Picki’ins.  I was discovered by Marie Gray of St. John Knits and their show was my first big runway gig.  They jetted us around in their private jet to Germany, Chicago, New York, Hawaii (to name a few spots) to do fashion shows.  I was actually forced to wear a pair of fake hips bought from a Fredericks of Hollywood catalogue!  I took the “bum” pads out, cause hey, I didn’t need help in that department…OoooKKkkkkay!

About me:

Originally from Lakewood, California, I’ve lived in Berkeley, Long Beach, North Hollywood, and now in San Diego, CA.  I was born and raised in the sun and around the beach.  I hate exercising, since I figure I put in my hard time with my track/field athletics, so I prefer passive exercise by going out dancing, dancing in the shower or in the mirror, walking my dog, parking far away and opting for the stairs instead of the elevator.

I am a BASS HEAD!  Love Drum n Bass and just recently for my week long b-day celebration flew to the San Fran Treasure Island Music Festival to see my hero, LTJ Bukem, tear it up along with his sidekick MC Conrad!  Then if that weren’t enough, after the show, I actually met him, hugged him and got a kiss from him too, while my man took a photo of us!!!!

I am an artist to the bone, ever since the day I discovered crayons!  I do everything from crafts (jewelry making, glass firing, graphic design, fashion design, mosaic tiling, furniture upholstering) to fine arts (sketching, Entaglio printmaking and oil/acrylic painting on canvas).  In order to further enjoy my artistic passion, I have decided to start my own art/fashion website.  I hope to share it with the world this year or early next:

I call myself the consummate “non-Model.”   Never done drugs, don’t have a sex tape, and not a diva, i.e.: I'm a nice person.  I am a true friend, and dare you to find anyone on this planet that would say otherwise!  I believe in making a difference by my actions, so I’ve helped many fledgling models succeed, volunteered for many causes and donated to my favorite charities instead buying an occasional coveted designer handbag or shoes (boo hoo).

Wild times:

At one Fashion Company where I worked following a show, a big shot at the company rolled around in a limousine deep with us models hitting the clubs.  Stopping at this east coast hotspot, the big shot “mad dogged” random club chicks and talked smack about how only a snap of the fingers was needed to sick one of us “amazon models” on the “Bi%&*h!”  Then on the way back to the hotel, the big shot blew chunks out of the open window of the limo and the following morning jetted back to headquarters to hold an early board meeting!  That night inside the club on a stage, while some models got tattoos to the beats of drum n bass, I opted for a boring belly ring!

My claim to Fame:

I have the best walk on the runway!    I can out-runway the best of them!  I can make even Naomi Campbell and Giselle Buncheon shudder!  Once at a show rehearsal Tommy Hilfiger had his assistant stop the music and say on the microphone,  “girls everyone stop and watch Saam, now this is how you all need to walk!” Believe it or not, I attribute my runway success to Nike.  Huh???  Nike runs a tight frig’in ship!  Days not hours where dedicated to choreographing scenes, where I always got stuck with the excruciating task of opening practically every scene (sometimes as many as 12!!!)…. which generally meant, if I forgot what to do it had a domino effect on the rest of the models and Oooo crapola, the rest of the scenes would be screwed!  I saw models fired and immediately replaced after a only a day or two of rehearsals because he/she couldn’t keep up.  Nike simply flew in replacements!  So I have been trained on the battlefield.  I can memorize under pressure, get changed in seconds and be back on stage in character without a flinch!   I’m also proud of my Russian Vogue editorial and the role I had on a CSI Miami episode as the show's opening runway model.

The Ultimate:

My ultimate on the bucket list of my Modeling career (after meeting LTJ Bukem) would be to grace the runway for Alexander McQueen!!!!!!!  Heck, I might even settle for just meeting him!!  I absolutely love the gritty stank off this genius’ combat boots!  After that, I could just simply hang up my stilettos and call it a career!

hair: Brown
eyes: Brown
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bust: 32" - 83cm
waist: 26" - 66cm
hips: 34" - 86cm
dress: 4-6
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Long Live McQueen

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Lee’s death has been personally excruciating for me.  News that one of my all time favorite Mentor, Muse, and Artist has ended his life, just took the wind out of my sails.  If only I could have told him like so many others, “you were my inspiration in Design School (and out).  I admired your sheer genius, intelligence & skill, your love for the dramatic& theatrical, your craft, the fluffy you, the skinny you, All of YOU!”  If only he might have been aware of how many people truly loved him, cared about him, adored and admired him, he may have been able to reach out to someone, at that very moment…turning back time. “This is Fashion’s candlelight of ingenuity being blown out forever, like the Music World losing Michael Jackson.  Lee (Alexander McQueen) was pure GENIUS!  His brain was a revolving door.  He consistently referenced History, Politics, Art, Culture, Emotions, Society and Events.  EVERYTHING he encountered was soaked up and eventually found it’s way into his magnificent work.  He had accomplished in a few years what it had taken fashion greats like Vivian Westwood, John Paul Gaultier & Versace years to achieve and he had the rest of his young life to continue setting the FASHION BAR.  Fashion will NEVER recover.  I will never forget the legacy he has left: LONG LIVE MCQUEEN


Self portrait of me in my favorite Alexander McQueen boots.  It was uncanny how they were perfectly toffee caramel brown…exactly like me.  When I wore them, it was like I was naked.  They were the first exquisite thing I bought when I received my first Modeling pay check.  Admittedly, I pretty much blew the entire check on them!


Me & Alex again (accompanied by some chain bling I made) at a test shoot recently.
Usually whenever I wanted to feel the McQ power and book that casting, wow a new client, or be out and about looking fly, I would be seen wearing them.


“Long Live McQueen” - This is a commemorative graphic t-shirt, my “Ode to Lee tee” that I designed/made today in honor of Alexander McQueen.  If you’d like a tee, go to Saam Designs

YouTube Preview Image

Being one of my favorite songs, I dedicate this to Alexander “Lee” McQueen. “So Long” by Seba Lo-tec, Remixed by LTJ Bukem

who Saam

when April 8th, 2010

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CSI Miami

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Here I am on the catwalk opening the fashion show for the TV series: CSI Miami.  It was so much fun working with the Wardrobe team and of course all of the amazing Directors!  Everyone was so kind!  The Stylist even gave me the cool red boots that you see me wearing in the opening scene!  Niiiiiice Score!

who Saam

when February 4th, 2010

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I had the sheer pleasure of catching my Alma Mater, Cal vs Utah in the Battle of the Bands in my town of San Diego in preparation for their Holiday football game: the “Poinsettia Bowl.”  Each band started out at opposite sides of San Diego’s popular down town strip called the “Gaslamp Quarter” and marched and played as they came closer and closer to each other.  When the two bands met, they each battled it out, taking turns with the best music and moves they each had.  At the end of course, I say Cal rocked the jingle bells off Utah!! Go Bears!

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Modelfeed Welcomes Saam!

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Just returned home from a morning casting for the company Dickies and bummed cause I totally didn’t get the job!  They were asking for a size 4 (I’m a size  2 to 4).  Get this…the director said that I was too slim!  A little model secret: I even wore 2 pairs of boy shorts (just in case), hoping to add at least a half inch.   Maybe, I did sort of notice the director kind of staring at my strange undie-combo.  The model that did get the job just laughed and said, “Now this has got to be the only time that being bigger has ever been a good thing for me!”  As I was sulking on the opposite side of the fence to myself, “People are you kidding me…when does being too thin ever happen in model land?  So all you bigger girls out there, don’t go on a diet, cause there are certainly some great paying jobs out there for you too!  This is why I love my agent, Linda!  Even if a job may not be my stereotype, forte, or even skill, she believes in me so much, that she’ll always afford me the opportunity.  Love her!

who Saam

when December 11th, 2009

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