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I'm quiet and inquisitive. And sometimes silly. I love watching people and listening to their stories. My favourite place in the world is my cottage outside the city where I grow flowers and let my dogs roam through the woods. I'm happiest in Summer in a cotton dress. I love surfing and I secretly daydream about saving people. My favourite creature is the giraffe. I love baked beans on toast. And I could quite happily live on cheese and heirloom tomatoes. I love little miniature things, ferns, books, reading the New York Times on Sundays, artliner pens, cups of tea, wool, kid's movies, laughing, vintage granny towels and quilts, my diary, scavenging for old treasures, log fires, pre-1970s cars, camping, ukulele music & dancing after a few drinks. My life philosophies are simple, natural and gratitude


What is your Starsign? Taurus

What are you wearing right now? Nothing new. Just my classic pieces. Uniqulo cashmere sweaters, j brand jeans, a.p.c. boots. I'm proud to say I haven't shopped in three months!

What has been your most memorable job so far? Working with Peter Beard on a giant Polaroid project. He was completely nuts and utterly charming.

Originally from? Western Australia

Where is your home right now? I have an apartment downtown in NYC and a cottage on Long Island and I split my time between the two.

What is always, always in your handbag? Lip balm, perfume, chewing gum, water, a good book

Fragrance you love? Jo Malone Red Roses. Simple and fresh.

What workouts do you do? I love yoga and pilates to stretch out my sore body from so many cramped flights. I walk a lot and ride my bike and as a special treat, I get massage once a month

Favourite band? Beirut

What are you listening to right now? I'm really into Alphaville since last week when I saw a cover band of them at someone's birthday bash.

Favourite designer? Lover. It is so me. The quality of the fabric, mostly cottons and wools. With the sweet details like wood buttons & toggles. My favourite pieces are all Lover and I always get compliments when I wear them.

Favourite store? Opening Ceremony, NYC

Favourite website? EBay

Latest purchase? A stunning vintage 1940s rattan lounge set. Beautifully restored. Just in time for Spring in my sunroom!

Nickname? Muskrat.

If your house was on fire, what would you save? My dogs

What's your fave thing to do on Saturday? Potter around the house, take a drive in my old Falcon and then go out for dinner and drinks.

hair: Brown
eyes: Brown
height: 5'10" - 178cm
bust: 34" - 86cm
waist: 24" - 61cm
hips: 35" - 89cm
shoes: 8
dress: 8
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It’s Fall

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Its Fall, a beautiful time of the year when the leaves turn from green to red, orange and yellow.
Our collection of old bicycles (lovingly saved from the garbage) are perfect for exploring the neighbourhood when friends visit from the city.

dsc03007 Fiery red tree ‘glowing’ on the river near my house…
dsc03123The crew getting ready for our Sunday ride. My favourite bike is the vintage tandem out front!
dsc03164Tas and me, whirring and blurry together.
dsc03154Scott and Morgy, a perfect team on the tandem.

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Barefoot & Happy in Vanuatu

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For the latest Harpers Bazaar issue, we flew to a private island in Vanuatu.dscf2174

Here is me doing my best Vanuatuan postcard girl pose with another giant plant. I spent 4 days barefoot and happy.


This was my home for the week.. a 300 year old javanese hut that had been transported in pieces and rebuilt on site. It was made entirely of wood and the floors were worn soft from years of use. It was a very special experience to be in the historical home of many generations and occupants before me.


This mother duck and her teenage duckling would come visit at dawn every morning and as you can see, they weren’t shy. They just waddled right in the back door.


We went horseriding in the rain and wore helmuts to protect ourselves not just from falling off but from the palms which were heavily loaded with coconuts.

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Giant Pot Plant

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I love having lots of plants in the house. This is my latest and most special pet plant… a stunning tree fern. It’s living in my sunroom which has a vaulted ceiling with plenty of room for it to grow even taller.

who PaniaRose

when September 28th, 2009

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This weekend I decided to re-vamp the bathroom so I painted it pink!

I was inspired by the colour of my vintage conch shell lamp (you can see it in the last picture)

I used Benjamin Moore Natura paint which is VOC free and not stinky like most other paints.


Goofing around and ‘reading’ the newspaper on my newspaper-protected loo.


‘Cutting’- which is the second stage of painting. You have to do all the corners and edges with a slanted paint brush before using the roller.


The finished product… very sweet and cottagey, I love it!

who PaniaRose

when September 9th, 2009

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Shooting Harpers TVC

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Shooting the TVC for Harpers Bazaar Australia on a bright clear morning in Maroubra. You can hear the director instructing me on how and when to move. I loved the 90s swimsuit!


Photographer Chris Colls in his debut as director. Here we are viewing the takes and discussing my moves.
It was the first commercial I have ever shot in which the director and I were left pretty much to our own devices.
Chris and I are good friends and it was wonderful to be able to do this project together.
He ended up being camera man too… this is usually unheard of!


The car scene… you can’t see but they actually removed the front windscreen of the car to get the camera angle perfect. An assistant had to spritz the windows with water to get the rainy-looking effect.

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What is That?

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um, Is there something on my head?

who PaniaRose

when July 24th, 2009

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Hang It Out to Dry

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One of the nice things about summer is being able to hang out washing to dry in the sun.
In Australia this is how everybody dries their clothes. Secretly, it makes me very happy seeing my little clothes horse of fresh laundry on the back lawn.


who PaniaRose

when July 21st, 2009

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