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I was born and grew up in Auckland, New Zealand, but started traveling with modeling when I was 15. I was fortunate enough to live in so many amazing places like, Hamburg, Munich, Miami, L.A, Hong Kong and Tokyo, but fell in love with Sydney six years ago and decided to call it home.
I’ve been modeling for around ten years, and have loved every second of it, the people, the places, the traveling. It is a dream job although living out of a suitcase, working long hours everyday and constantly having to make new friends can get to you.  I still travel but I don’t go for long periods anymore as my commitments with work in Australia and New Zealand keep me close.
I’m a bit of a boy when it comes to sports, I love golf, volleyball, soccer, Fishing. I have a passion for animals grew up with horses, dogs, fish and goats! I am a big supporter of the RSPCA and am trying to work closely with them in 2009 to help make people more aware. I have a dog, Tygalilly, she is four years old and a half American/half British tri-coloured staffy and she comes everywhere with me and has even started attending events with me. (She’s not camera shy!)
Right now on my ipod is on repeat with Kings of Leon, Ladyhawke, Buffalo Springfeild and Kayne West. I’m not a big reader as I love movies, but I just finished reading The Secret Life Of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd, just in time for the movie premiere, and I have just started Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts.
I love taking photos when traveling, as they capture moments that you cannot relive. I love painting, cooking, shopping and being around my friends and the people close to me.

hair: Brown
eyes: Blue
height: 5'11" - 180cm
bust: 34" - 86cm
waist: 24" - 61cm
hips: 35" - 89cm
shoes: 9.5
dress: 10
activity number of posts31 number of videos1 number of pictures0
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It’s All For A Good Cause

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I took part in an Event call ” Blow Off” to raise money for the victims of the Haiti earthquake. The blow off was described as Australias first coalition uniting hairdresses for charity. Hairdressing’s Hamish Glianos, Wild Life Hair’s Jayne Wild, Sable’s Julianne McGuigan and stylists Phillip Gallo, Barney Martin and Kenneth Stoddart were among the hairdresses who gave up their day to cut and blow dry with all proceed going to Haiti, Along with Myself, Emma Lung Claudia Karvan, Darren McMullen and Laura Csortan all jumping on board to support this amazing event.



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Pole Pro

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Since my first lesson with Alyssa Sutherland back in September, I am now hooked… and I think im getting better?
Bobbi’s pole dancing studio - Sydney

who NikkiPhillips

when January 21st, 2010

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img_0755-sized-674-450Just before Christmas, Puma threw the best party in honour of there famous shoe the mostro, which has been around as long as I have. Ping Pong, Live music and plenty of laughs.

PingPong 2My ping Pong Partner Maude and I preparing for the match ahead - decked on in Puma.

img_0659-sized-674-450-1ACTION SHOT: I clearly have this shot, but Maude is ready just incase.

who NikkiPhillips

when January 11th, 2010

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My Elephant Friend - Deli

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I just got back from a from beautiful Bali, While I was there I researched alot into the facilities for animals as anyone who has been to Bali knows they are not known for their great treatment to animals, I found a great center that looks after the dogs that have been neglected Bali Street Dog Foundation jump on and donate, every penny counts.
I also found this great elephant adventure park up in the Taro forest, where you can ride the elephants for half and hour through the forest and man made lakes, these elephants are well looked after and the park is fantastic.
This is Deli, she is 23 years old, and has been in Indonesia for 5 years.

dsc02152The strangest feeling sitting on an elephants head!!

dsc02163After the half hour ride, you can purchase food baskets which come with corn and Pinapple, Deli’s mouth was open from the moment she saw the basket to the last piece of corn! Piglet.

dsc02175An amazing park and such a memory. Check it out here

who NikkiPhillips

when November 11th, 2009

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Meet Bertie

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I was in Melbourne this week for a few jobs and with a bit of time to spare so i went to the Melbourne Aquarium, they have Penguins, Sharks and loads of incredible fish, it is defiantly worth checking out if your down that way!  But I  met this one guy and it was love at first sight I named him Bertie, he posed for the pictures and we stared into each others eyes for about 20 mins…. I had never met anyone with bigger lips then me!!



who NikkiPhillips

when October 30th, 2009

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It’s All About The Cat!

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Just for you modelfeeders, here is a little peak at a couple of shots for my campaign for PUMA, I have just signed with this amazing brand an am the new women’s fitness ambassador.

Hope you like it.

who NikkiPhillips

when October 12th, 2009

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Fun & Fearless

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Last night I attended Cosmo’s Fun and Fearless Female Awards and I had the honour of announcing the Inspirational Role Model who went to Dr Tu’uhevaha Kaitu’u-Lino who has the most incredible story. A great event with MC Brain McFadden leaving guests in fits of laughter.


My outfit was an amazing Willow creation and it speaks for it self - Thanks Willow


Announcing the Award for the evening


Trust cosmo to have a half naked man handing out the awards and free kisses!!!



who NikkiPhillips

when September 30th, 2009

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