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Karlie Kloss Karlie Kloss
about me

How did you start modelling?
I was 13 and it was for a charity show at the mall for my friend's father who had cancer.


Where are you originally from?
St Louis, USA

Where do you live now?
St Louis, USA

What has been your most memorable job so far?
Definitely working with a baby tiger for a Korean client

What's the last thing you bought?
I am obsessed with kitchen equipment, so the last thing was a Kitchenaide ( mixer)

Last film you saw?

Last book you read?
I'm so far behind on my homework, I would rather not say!

Favourite place to eat?
Lombardis Pizza

Most loved place in the world?
My new apartment in New York!

What website do you visit most?


Who are you listening to now on your ipod?
Bruce Springstein

What's your thing to do on a Saturday - if you're not working?
Calling my agent because it's a habit, and hanging with my sisters

If you weren't modelling what would you be doing?
I think I'd have a bakery, or be a doctor like my father.

hair: Blonde
eyes: Hazel
height: 5' 11" - 180cm
bust: 32" - 81cm
waist: 23" - 58cm
hips: 33" - 83cm
shoes: 10
dress: 8
activity number of posts3 number of videos0 number of pictures0
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What Can You Do To Help?

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On my way to NY for a job, the images of what is happening with the earthquake in Haiti are haunting me. As soon as I land will drop off my bag and meet Lorraine Alexis (pic below visiting orphanage in Haiti last summer). She works for a relief organization and is a medical student who has been visiting Haiti for several years. I’m hoping she may be able to tell me more and I could help in some way…

So I got off the plane, dropped my bag off at my apartment and straight to the train to meet my Haitian friend Lorraine Alexis as I wanted to hear firsthand her thoughts on family, friends and colleagues in Haiti. What I learned I can hardly put in words. Amongst the midst of chaos and uncertainty, Lorraine and fellow Haitian relief worker Cedric Desir (Voices of Haiti), were kind enough to give me their personal insights involving the chaos they and their family and friends are experiencing right this very minute. While they shared with me stories of lost and missing loved ones, what astounded me the most was their focus and hope filled plans for a better future for their homeland.

I am truly inspired.


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Happy Birthday Adventures

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Last weekend was my 17th Birthday, So I decided to spend it at DisneyWorld, Orlando Florida with all my favourite people.
Lots of rides, laughter & food - what better way to spend my birthday x




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What Happened at Next?

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test again

Katie Fogarty, me and Ryan Mertz… he is the exclusive guy in the Calvin Klein shows. We are all at the Next party, Next is my agency in New York… and they always throw great parties!

test test testy test

Imogen Morris Clarke and Katie Fogarty at the party

Andrea Nemkova, Jenna Saurs and I hanging out at the party


A magic moment half way through the night

another test

Katie Fogarty, Lester, the super-stylist to the stars and Ryan

who KarlieKloss

when March 5th, 2009

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