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“Always there when something happens" - that's me.

I'm still looking for the right place for me, where I can use my energy. I've got so many plans, dreams, ideas that I'm never bored - maybe only when I have to sit and wait .. then time goes so slowly and I feel I am wasting my time.
Anyway I'm from Poland where I've got a really BIG family, who I love the most and many special friends :)

My adventures with modelling came very unexpected. I sent my pics to a contest and 3 weeks later, I won! So I had to pack up and come to the most amazing city in the world - New York. I love working with photographers, make-up artists & stylists - I love working with people ! I can't imagine working and living alone, it’s not me.

However, modelling is not the only thing in my life. I am still at school, so that takes up a lot of my time. In my spare time I like to go to yoga, which gives me power, helps me calm down and relax.

I can't imagine life without music. In my iPod you can find Kings of Leon, The Kooks, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Placebo and many many more .. ;) I also play guitar, something I have been doing since I was 8 years old, which has made music all the more important to me.

Ok I could go on & on about me, but I am sure you will get to know me better through my posts.. ;)

hair: Blonde
eyes: Green
height: 5'10.5" - 179cm
bust: 31" - 79cm
waist: 24" - 61cm
hips: 34" - 86cm
shoes: 9
dress: 4
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Once upon a time

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It was magic evening straight Fairy tale.

Starting from dresses through choreography, music and decoration to people and entire atmosphere – amazing!



Canadian designer Erdem Moralioglu for Fashion in Motion at London’s Victoria & Albert Museum

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I Will Miss You, Milano

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I have spent the last month & half in Milan doing what every model is suppose to do of course,work! In my free time I went sightseeing, drank lots of amazing Italian coffee and ate wonderful ice creams in 100 flavours (not all at once) and generally just enjoying my time in this beautiful place with so many happy people. Although at first it was a little bit annoying for me that everything here was so calm, slow and relaxed but after 2 weeks I really started to enjoy it. Now I am heading home and I will miss Milan and the Italian easy-going lifestyle so much!


visiting the most popular place in Milan - Duomo


what models always use to keep that fresh look - magic face mask

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Don’t waste your time

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Between fittings, lunch, rehearsals & shows everybody spends their spare time differently, Biology was calling me

bioStudying whenever I can

who DariaFrackiewicz

when September 16th, 2009

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Bye Bye Holidays

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Between travelling with friends and enjoying my holidays, In my spare time I also had a few jobs. One of them
was especially amazing because of the great atmosphere. I thought it was going to be a normal beauty editorial for a magazine with Chanel’s new Fall
make-up, but when I saw the first make up I was on fire - mysterious dark, deep and strong. Then I knew it was going to be a crazy shoot.
Photographer was Sebastian Peszek, He is hilarious! He was creative, thoughtful, full of new ideas and he talked & joked which makes a shoot so easy!



who DariaFrackiewicz

when September 3rd, 2009

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Family Affair in Poland

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My dad has always said that it’s great to go travelling to other countries but  know your own country first and so he is taking our family on a holiday around our country - Poland. Thanks to him, I am now proud of where I come from. I had so much fun with my crazy family.




who DariaFrackiewicz

when August 29th, 2009

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Back to Poland

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After being in NYC, it was time to take a rest. What better way to do that then get away with my friends. We took a train to the great Polish seaside.
It is my favourite place, everything you need to relax is there. Camping, the Sea & cute boys!
You never know who you might meet there and it’s great - a big holiday, meeting place.
For 10 days we played cards, windsurfed, walked in the forest and laughed and joked around a lot. I wish it never ended finished!


who DariaFrackiewicz

when August 23rd, 2009

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