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About Me:

Hello everyone :) I'm Charlotte Priya Lohmann, I’m 17 and I just finished my final year of school. Yeeeeew! I play the piano and sing which is my greatest passion. My dream is to become a successful singer! I love all kinds of music particularly jazz fusion, blues, metal and gangsta.

I'm Fijian/Indian and German and I am stoked that i have come this far with modeling. I love it and I can't wait to see where it takes me! xx 

How did you start modelling?

I was discovered in the girlfriend comp when I was 13. It pretty much started there, I had a few years off to finish school and then I decided to have another go, before i knew it I was at castings every day and shooting, and doing shows and I LOVE IT!

What has been your most memorable job so far?

A shoot I did for a German photographer. The location was amazing, it was on top of Mount Keira (near Wollongong) with the most beautiful view.

Originally from?

Sydney, Northern Beaches

Where is your home right now?

I'm currently in New York living in a gorgeous apartment with a couple of other models.

What is always in your handbag?

Umm my ipod and my jumbo headphones, phone, money floating around (I need to buy a wallet), lip balm, a book and mascara.


Emporio Armani NIGHT, except they discontinued it :(

What workouts do you do?

At home I go for walks up Palm Beach Light House. I'm not too active but I'm getting better! I like crunches, bike riding and I love walking.

Favourite band?

I love Pink Floyd, The Mars Volta and Lamb of God.

Favourite designer?

I really don't have one specific designer. All my clothes are from all over the place. I love markets and thrift shops.

Favourite store?

I love lingerie, so Victoria’s Secret!

Favourite website?

facebook haha

Last purchase?

I just bought some groceries, tuna, tomatoes, cucumber, bread etc. ha!


Chaz-thug haha, Lohmann, Lotte, Charly...I have a few…

If your house was on fire, what would you save?

My family

What's your thing to do on a Saturday?

Chill with friends or my gorgeous boyfriend, go to the beach or a have a beer or two while someone plays the guitar.

Quote you like?

"Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today", James Dean.

hair: Brown
eyes: Green
height: 5'10" - 179cm
bust: 33" - 84cm
waist: 25" - 64cm
hips: 35" - 89cm
shoes: 10
dress: 8
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ipodThese are the 3 most-played songs on my ipod right now:
1. Born To Groove, Euge Groove

2. Need To Feel Loved, Reflekt
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3. Cygnus Vismund Cygnus, The Mars Volta

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when April 23rd, 2009

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So, Camille and I hit the brand new Top Shop store in New York on Broadway and Broome.. my computer’s broken so I can’t send any pics but we got to go to the opening and I bought a sexy little black dress and some high waisted blue acid wash jeans… but I’m going back for this awesome black jacket with these really intricate patterns on it but they didn’t have my size at the time - the shop assistant has just called so we’re hitting Top Shop again! For the opening there was a line around the block and THREE HOUR wait to get in! If you want to check it out go to:

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when April 6th, 2009

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