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If they ever decide to produce the show "so you WISH you could dance" I will be the first dedicated contestant. Don't get me wrong, I can shake it like a Polaroid pictcha- I got da rhythm. I just would Love to learn that choreography and the splits and flips.. its amazing!  I went to a few classes after the show came out and being from Philly, I suppose I got a little cocky walking into the Hip Hop classes, but two little Chinese Janet Jacksons made me look like an uncoordinated Gumby doll in the back of the class....I Never returned...

I grew up in Philadelphia, roller-skating around my father’s travel agency with my two sisters on the weekends, eating sugar cubes in the office break room and photo copying my "brilliant" drawings of the brontosaurus and T-Rex to be posted in every cubicle as a memo. We'd watch videos on exotic destinations like Sandals "the ultimate honeymoon destination" and adventurous Australia " if the snakes, sharks, and dingos don’t kill you, the spiders WILL, book today!"  I suppose it was this environment that made travelling seem so appealing to me, the brochures, the posters, EVERYWHERE sounded incredible. So when I was given the opportunity to travel the world and model I was thrilled. I thought it would take some convincing on my mother’s part but I was attending Philadelphia University for fashion design and she actually thought it would be a great way to explore this further and helped me with all the preparations. My mom, dad and two older sisters have been amazingly supportive and I think it’s important for young models to have this back home. It's so easy to get caught up in a business where friends and co-workers come and go so frequently It's necessary to have people you trust to pull your head in and say "you're acting like an idiot, and you're last photos had way too much makeup and not enough clothes, pull it together and focus on what you want out of your work" I love them.

After a few years of modelling with Long Brown hair, I cut it all off and went short and blond recently for a job in NY and now I'm living in Sydney, Australia rebuilding my portfolio before heading back.... and having a lot of fun dipping my fingers into other pies such as TV presenting and TV commercials. It’s been similar to modelling in that I have to change feelings and expressions but at least I get to put more personality into my work. I'm loving the excitement and the challenge of something new.. .Wish me Luck!!!

hair: Blonde
eyes: Blue
height: 5'11" - 180cm
bust: 33" - 84cm
waist: 25" - 64cm
hips: 35" - 89cm
shoes: 8.5
dress: 8
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downonthefarmGot away to a friends farm in Berry, Australia. The air alone is enough to recharge your battery but a view like this doesn’t hurt either.
I believe I can Flyyy!!!

video-4-00m-04sgreat spot for daydreaming


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Champ gets into the Spirit

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“CHAMP” dressed up as a little monster for halloween and showed off all his tricks for some treats back home in Philly. He’s my sisters’ little yorkie but when I’m back home, I pretend he’s mine :-P

who BethLobb

when November 1st, 2009

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World Traveller’s palace

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Last Week I was in the Lisa Ho winter 2010 show at the Country Trader in Waterloo. It sounds like a bizarre venue but it was absolutely beautiful. It almost made you feel like you were in this incredible palace of a world traveller. Antique clocks, artifacts and tapestries hung everywhere and the moody low- light  reflected off breathtaking chandeliers around the rooms. Her clothes are so well made and luxurious I loved seeing them all together backstage. My picks are the ostrich feather mini skirts and the black heels from her line. LOVE those SHOES!





who BethLobb

when October 26th, 2009

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New Toy!

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Today, I got a Ripstik, the new two-wheel skateboard that bends in the middle. I had my first practice today at Bronte and I’m not so bad! I’m so excited!!



who BethLobb

when September 19th, 2009

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Getting Ready!

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At Magazines Go Live this weekend, just finished the first lot of shows. Getting into my Hugo Boss outfit.

shoesSome of the gorgeous shoes I get to wear in the shows!

who BethLobb

when September 11th, 2009

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