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My Star Sign is Pisces

What are you wearing right now? What I like to wear at home; Comfy tracksuit bottoms and a black strappy top

What has been your most memorable job so far? There have been so many, but one of the most memorable would have to be going to Prague to shoot a commercial for a Korean shopping centre.  It was three long days of mayhem and laughs, and then on the final day of the shoot they brought in an elephant, a camel, a zebra, a horse and a host of circus performers! The whole day was ridiculously fun! Plus, the weather was great and I got to spend a day exploring the beautiful city afterwards.

Originally from? Surrey, England. My dad is Chinese, and my mum is a mix of Scottish, Irish, English and German.

Where is your home right now? London

What is always, always in your handbag? My map, eight hour cream, a good book, and some apples-great for the road!

Fragrance you love? Magnifique by Lancome

What workouts do you do? I love climbing, it's such an addictive sport. I also love ballet and yoga, but of course, one of the best and most fun work outs is just going out with friends and dancing the night away!

Favorite band? Wow, there are so many great artists out there, but at the moment I'm loving Camille O'Sullivan, David Guetta and Mumford and Sons.  Also recently rediscovered the one and only, Nina Simone.

What are you listening to right now? Right now I'm listening to Fiona Apple's version of 'Across the Universe', beautiful voice and beautiful arrangement of this classic song.

Favorite designer? At the moment, I really like how colourful Ashish is, and how sultry Erdem's evening dresses are.  But Im not really a fashion head and love clothes from all over.

Favorite store? Topshop, you can always find something in there!

Favorite website? Loving BBC for the i-player at the mo, I can catch up on all the good shows on TV like 'Have I Got News for You.'  I also depend on google for just about everything online!

Latest purchase? A black lace one piece body!  They are back in fashion and looking better than ever!

Nickname? Rosie

If your house was on fire, what would you save? I'd probably spend too long trying to decide and the house would have burnt down!

What's your fave thing to do on Saturday? I love Borough market by London Bridge.  When it's sunny you can go there with friends and get great food, then sit in the cathedral garden and eat it, and then walk along the river into town.  Plus as it gets closer to Christmas they get the mulled wine out!! :-D

hair: Dark Brown
eyes: Hazel
height: 5'10" - 178cm
bust: 32" - 83cm
waist: 24" - 61cm
hips: 37" - 93cm
shoes: 8
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Transformed Time & Time Again

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Here are some photos from a shoot I recently did for Elle, where I got to personally meet and be dressed by 4 different editors and fashion editors from the magazine.  I was really pleased, as this meant that I was able to get an insight into the artistic outlook of this heavyweight fashion magazine.
I arrived to a wonderful team on a frosty December morning, made my introductions, and went straight to hair and make up-the day had begun!  Over the next 8 hours I was transformed four times proving that Elle knows how to do it well, and with speed!!
The first look was all about the poncho-mac. They’re coming in people and soon!


This was followed by the flowery light hearted hippy chick look with some funky dungarees. Next it was on to that timeless denim style with those red lips that are very in vogue right now.


For the final look I was sleeked back and vamped, and getting a bit more sassy than any of the other outfits had allowed me! ;-)
It was an exciting day and lots of fun.  I certainly look forward to working with the Elle team again.

who AineCampbell

when January 12th, 2010

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