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Preventing an Ache

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At work, I’m constantly in heels and my feet ache and even start to twitch from discomfort :( So lately whenever I have to wear high heels out of work, I’ve been sporting something with a platform. That extra inch of platform makes such a big difference! There are some great platform options everywhere from Christian Louboutin to Topshop.

cimg1727Jumper- Gap

Scarf- Dries Van Noten

Jeans- Cheap Monday

Shoes- Marni


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So, Camille and I hit the brand new Top Shop store in New York on Broadway and Broome.. my computer’s broken so I can’t send any pics but we got to go to the opening and I bought a sexy little black dress and some high waisted blue acid wash jeans… but I’m going back for this awesome black jacket with these really intricate patterns on it but they didn’t have my size at the time - the shop assistant has just called so we’re hitting Top Shop again! For the opening there was a line around the block and THREE HOUR wait to get in! If you want to check it out go to:

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when April 6th, 2009

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Streets of London

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Urine Booth

Testing out the public telephone booths. This one was special as it didn’t wreak of urine.


Flagging a taxi in London

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when January 26th, 2009